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Legislative Information for Educators
Volume 11  No.4                                              March 27, 2013

Legislative Session Marches On 

                              Today marks day 44 of the 120 day legislative session.......76 days left. 

An Avalanche of Bills

                    With the passage of the time limit for when an individual legislator could request a bill draft, the number of bills dealing with education grew.  Below you will find a list of some of the more important bill numbers and a short synopsis of each.  You can always read the entire bill on line in the legislative website.  Just type Nevada Legislature into your browser and follow the prompts on the home page.


 Senate Bill 193- revises provisions on the reductions in the workforce of school districts.


Assembly Bill 288-Removes the current high school proficiency exam as an exiting exam for high school students and provides for the administration of a standardized, curriculum-based college entrance exam


 Senate Bills 112 & 168-deals with provisions of the collective bargaining of local government workers


 Senate Bill 407-deals with the implementation of the findings of the Teachers and Leaders council.


 Senate Bill 269-deals with removing the driving privileges for habitual truants.


Note:  NASA and CCASA are working to amend the bill to lessen the work impact upon school Principals.


 Senate Bill 164-Senator Park’s ant-bullying bill.  


Note: NASA and CCASA and the WPA testified in favor of the bill with the amendments proposed by the Nevada State School Boards.  The bill and amendments can be viewed on NELIS at the Legislative web site



State Education Funding Formula

Adequacy vs. Equity

             There continues to be substantial discussion regarding the state's education funding formula known as The Nevada Plan. This formula, established in the 1960's, was originally designed to bring adequate, though differentiated, funding to all Nevada school districts by taking into consideration what was referred to as a "wealth factor". This factor attempted to bring funding levels to an adequate level in all districts regardless of district sizes, poverty levels and other demographic differences.


            The current argument is that the demographics of school districts have changed considerably since the 1960's, yet the funding formula has not. Here are some comparative numbers:


A Sample of Current Per Pupil Funding By County
Clark County                       $5,068                                                                               

Washoe County                    $5,279


White Pine County                 $6,796


Pershing County                     $8,771


Storey County                        $9,308


Lincoln County                       $9,538


Esmeralda County                $17,508                         Source: Las Vegas Sun




            The dilemma facing the legislature is that in order equalize each county's per pupil funding level, based on student population alone, the small counties will lose dollars and suffer significantly, while Clark County would receive a windfall of new dollars. If the legislature determines that small counties should not have a reduction in funds, while Clark County should have an increase, where do these new dollars come from? Governor Sandoval's budget does not address this issue and the Governor has repeatedly stated that he will veto any increase in taxes.


            Clark County currently has more than 60% for the legislators in Carson City. These folks could easily vote as a non-partisan block in sufficient numbers to overthrow the Governor's veto.


            Watch as this unfolds during the remainder of the session.      

Legislative Deadlines for this 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature

April 2- money committees begin to close budgets
April 12- committee passage in the first house
April 23- first house passage
May 1 - Economic Forum report due
May 6-start resolving budget differences
May 17- committee passage second hours
May 23-24 finish budget differences and second house passage
May 29- budget bills introduced
            Please keep in mind that these dates and rules may be changed if either house
votes to suspend the rules.


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