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VOLUME 11 NO.7                                                           MAY 28, 2013



          As we sail through the days and nights of the 77th Legislative session we continue to ignore the icebergs that await ahead unless we change our course.  The icebergs have names such as Inadequate Funding, the Distributive School Account, Collective Bargaining, PERS and the Public Employee Benefits Program. We may not crash into them all this session but the time will come unless we are willing as a state to actually sit down together and plot a new course for Education!


           Many good people are working the session plugging holes in our ship and supplying lifeboats for key programs.  


           True, we are adding funds to the lifeboat ELL. The fact remains it is not nearly enough. We are adding seats in the lifeboat Full Time Kindergarten but many of our students still will have to stay on the ship or pay to be included. The captain and her officers are still talking about adding addition lifeboats to the CLASS Size section.  How successful this will be we will know in the next week.


           Increases in wages for our ships personnel will most likely remain at the status quo or at best be minimal, while we continue to ask them to do more. The cost of health insurance will continue to rise which leaves our districts and trusts with just two options, raise the premiums or cut benefits.


           While there are not enough lifeboats to save everyone, here are a few that have managed to secure seating:

 SB 407- gives the Teachers and Leaders Council two more years to perfect the evaluations for teachers and administrators and how best to implement the pay for performance piece.

 SB447- re-organizes the RPDP’s and provides funding for the training of administrators to successfully evaluate their staffs under the new guidelines of the Teachers and Leaders Council. The bill all so protects the integrity of the small counties.

 SB441-Which extends the temporary waivers to school districts from certain minimum expenditure requirements and allows the temporary increase in class size numbers for grades 1 -3 to continue.

           We believe this voyage will dock on time and all aboard will survive.  It is the voyage of 2015 with its emphasis on the PERS system and public employee benefits that must begin to worry us now, not in January of 2015.

                                What Will Education Gain During This Session?

           It appears that the Governor and some legislators are proudly stating that the Governor's budget will do much for education. The budget proposes about $128,000,000 (Note: this number changes almost daily) in new money for the funding of specific categories like ELL, All Day Kindergarten and Class Size Reduction. Local school districts and school boards will not be able to redirect these funds to fill any other holes in their respective budgets that may be unique to their districts.

          What these politicians seem to forget is that, since the beginning of the current recession, the Nevada Legislature has reduced funding to local school districts by an estimated $700,000,000.  In summary, during this year's legislative session, local school districts will be recovering only 18.3% of that which they have lost. At that rate, a full recovery will not occur until about 2021!

                                NASA's Annual Spring Conference

           Stephen and I would urge you to attend the NASA conference on June 17-18 where we will be presenting an overview of this session and our hopes for the next.  There will be one more issue of LIFE, in which I will attempt to wrap up all of the issues of the session that dealt with education.

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May 29- budget bills introduced


June 3 - Sine Die
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