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VOLUME 11 NO.5                                          APRIL 17, 2013


Legislature Going Through Midlife Crisis



          The first major deadline of the 2013 session is now behind us. 251 bills failed to meet the April 12 deadline.  More than 1,000 bills have been introduced this session.  Many bills were exempt from the deadline due to the fact they hold fiscal impact and were referred to the money committees.
          According to the Executive Director of the Nevada School Boards, Dotty Merrill, 75 bills have been directed to the Assembly and Senate Education Committees.  Many other bills related to the business of education were referred to other committees. You may see the full list of bills that did not meet the deadline by going on-line to the Nevada Legislature and following the link provided.


 Following is a list of some of the education related bills we have been following and their current status:


 AB79-provisions related to early childhood education programs.  Passed out of committee and awaiting action on the Assembly floor.


AB112- collective bargaining changes died due to deadline


AB161-revises provisions governing the advancement of certain pupils to a higher grade level.  Amended and passed out of committee to the General File.


AB162-revises provisions of class-size reduction-amended and do pass on to the Floor of the Assembly


AB163-early childhood pre-kindergarten education-amended and do pass on to the floor of the Assembly


AB164-revises provisions governing education-This is a parent revolution bill with a quick trigger to a charter school.  It was made exempt and is still alive.


AB254-enacted provisions regarding school choice-basically a voucher program-did not meet deadline.


AB288-removes the high school proficiency examinations and provides for the administration of a standardized, curriculum based achievement college entrance exam. Amended and do pass on to the Assembly floor.


AB357-revises provisions of the Regional Professional Development Programs-amend and do pass.  There is a Senate bill SB477 that also deals with the RPDP’s and it was amended to retain the three governing councils under a state council.


SB 193-would have made it mandatory to negotiate performance as one of the major factors used in the evaluation of school personnel. Died due to deadline


SB164-Senator Parks' safe and respectful environment bill passed out as amended.


SB269-Senator Ford's bill tying school attendance to driver’s license. Passed out of committee as amended with a do pass recommendation


SB407-Teachers and Leaders Council bill will effectively postpone implementation of the new evaluation systems for two years as professional development programs are put into place. Amended and do pass out of committee.


 PERS Legislation 


          All of the bills influencing the retirement system are dead except for one from Assemblyman Kirner from Washoe.  It would have the system change from a defined benefit program to a defined contribution program.   We are working hard to prevent this bill from even being heard.

The next deadline to be met is April 23 when bills must be passed from the first house.  Again exempt bills do not fall under these rules.

 Remaining Legislative Deadlines for this 77th Session of the

Nevada Legislature

April 23- first house passage
May 1 - Economic Forum report due
May 6-start resolving budget differences
May 17- committee passage second hours
May 23-24 finish budget differences and second house passage
May 29- budget bills introduced
            Please keep in mind that these dates and rules may be changed if either house
votes to suspend the rules.

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