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                  Volume 11 no. 6                                                             May 8, 2013


It's A "Mudder"


          As the Legislature enters its last month, I am reminded of the Kentucky Derby this past Saturday. The 2013 Legislature left the gate setting a fast pace. They were immediately considering bills that are important to education. Parent revolution, educator accountability, Teachers and Leaders Council recommendations, full day kindergarten, increased funding for ELL, and reduced class sizes were all brought to the table before they had reached the mid-point of the race.

          Entering the far turn, the pace has slackened. The issues are still in the race but which ones will cross the finish line and in what order, is still in doubt. Full day kindergarten will finish, but not with the strong surge we had hoped for. Most likely there will be additional teaching units funded, however it will not come close to providing full day kindergarten to every eligible child in the state. Senator Ford's parent revolution bill is just being heard this week and odds are even on whether it will survive until the end of the race. Reduced class size keeps looking over its shoulder looking for help. The Teachers and Leaders Council will survive but finish as an implementation measure over the next two years. In the event sufficient funding is not found for the increased training, this horse may not be in the race next biennium.

          Coming up on the outside moving with deliberation and slowly passing the field is the most important horses in the race MONEY! If she runs what we all hope she will...a perfect race.... great strides in education will result! More than likely she will tire and just win by a nose! This will result in a payout far less than what is needed to do the job!

          We will keep you informed as all the issues race towards the finish line.

          One saving grace this session is that there seems to be an agreement between the parties that the PERS system and collective bargaining are not going to become issues this session. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope they do not become negotiating items at the end of the session.

 Nevada Legislature

May 17- committee passage second hours
May 23-24 finish budget differences and second house passage
May 29- budget bills introduced
June 3 - Sine Die

Please keep in mind that these dates and rules may be changed if either house votes to suspend the rules.


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