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Legislative Information for Educators

Volume 11 no. 2                                                                                  February 11, 2013



          The 77th session of the Nevada Legislature began in Carson City last Monday, February 4th. By statute, the Legislature may meet for a total of 120 days. If the work of the legislature is incomplete by that deadline, only the governor may call a special session/s to allow that body additional time.

            If you take away the drama of the Steven Brooks affair the Nevada Legislature has gotten off to a smooth and relatively speaking fast start.

 Education Agenda Proposed by Democrats

            As promised in the last issue of this publication, we will take a little space to examine the Democrat’s agenda in this legislature as it pertains to education.

  • Reduce class size. “Our teachers, parents and  most importantly our children cannot wait another year to have smaller class sizes” said Senate Majority Leader Moe Denis.
  • Pre-K for at-risk students.
  • Full day Kindergarten in all schools for all students.
  • End social promotion by third grade
  • Changing the k=12 funding formula

             All of these are admirable goals! The problem remains that to bring these goals to fruition is going to require a dedicated attempt to raise the funds necessary to bring them about.  I am hearing very little discussion on the topic of increasing revenues.

            Changing the k-12 funding formula will generate discussion and probably dissension among the ranks of educators state-wide.  While it is a discussion that must take place we must be very careful that our small counties are not hurt by any proposed changes. With any proposed changes to the formula must come additional funding . We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.

 Education Bills

            NASA is tracking 81 bills that deal with education. Most of these have yet to be written in bill form.  The ideas in several are troubling.  One would call for our PERS system to change from the defined benefit program we now operate under and move to a defined contribution plan. There are several BDR’s deal with voucher programs, facilities for charter schools and the provisions of the Teacher –Leader Council.  As more information becomes available we will keep you informed as to the content of the bills and the outcomes in committee meetings.

 Coalition of Education Groups Working Together

NASA would like to thank the Nevada State School Boards Association, the Nevada School Superintendents Association, Clark and Washoe County School Districts, the Clark County Association of School Administrators and Public Employees, Washoe Principals Association and the Nevada State Education Association for their willingness to work together toward the betterment of education in Nevada.

 What Was The Media's Reaction To The Governor's Budget?

             The Las Vegas Review Journal stated that the message "was vintage Sandoval: right down the middle."

            Conservative commentator, Chuck Muth, stated, "What it didn't include was any kind of vision or bold initiatives. The speech was replete with sunny optimism but little substance."

            The Lahontan Valley News pointed out that the Governor's budget did "include money to build a new execution chamber at the Ely State Prison."

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