LIFE March 3, 2013

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Volume 11 NO. 3    
                               March 3, 2013


Legislature Discusses Education Issues

                                     Last Friday marked day 26 of the 120 day legislative session.......94 days left.

     Hearings were held in the joint committees on Education regarding full time kindergarten, social promotion, class, size reduction and Pre-K education. The hearings went well into the night with testimony from all the usual suspects. The bill numbers dealing with the above are: AB 161-social promotion, AB162-class size reduction, AB 163-early childhood education and SB 182-full day kindergarten. Every Administrator should read all of these bills very carefully as they will have impact upon job performance and duties if passed!

AB 161 - read carefully the exemptions that would be allowed and the duties of the Principal in carrying out the provisions of student retention. NASA will be attempting to amend the bill to give the Principal latitude in assigning some of these duties to staff. NASA, CCAAPE, NASB all testified in favor of the bill but asked to be included in the work sessions on Hyde bill.

SB 182 - full day kindergarten bill simply would fund it so every kindergarten class in our state would be full day. It also states that a child would be required to be enrolled in and attend school at age 5. An interesting note here is that the Department of Education spoke in opposition to the bill and supported the Governor's plan to slightly increase the number of full time classes.

AB 162 - this bill would return the class size reductions to the place they were before exemptions were granted due to the funding crisis. The Department of Education did not appear at this hearing.  The bills were heard in the policy committees so there was no discussion as to the additional costs to implement what the bills contain. These discussions will occur when the bills reach the money committees. We will keep you informed in future issues of Life.

Legislative Deadlines for this 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature

March 18- all bills proposed by Legislators must be introduced
March 25- committee bill introductions must be introduced
April 2- money committees begin to close budgets
April 12- committee passage in the first house
April 23- first house passage
May 1 - Economic Forum report due
May 6-start resolving budget differences
May 17- committee passage second hours
May 23-24 finish budget differences and second house passage
May 29- budget bills introduced

Please keep in mind that these dates and rules may be changed if either house votes to suspend the rules.

Superintendents Testify

     Superintendents Stokes, Norton and Martinez were present and gave excellent testimony over the last several days. Superintendent Pedro Martinez from Washoe County gave testimony on the WCSD bill AB 46 that proposes a new method to generate revenue for school maintenance and revitalization.

     Thanks, as always, to the other education lobbyists and their willingness to share, advise and help in this process.

Las Vegas Sun Editorial

On February 24th the Las Vegas Sun focused its editorial on education. The Sun said that reforms are not the only solution to Nevada's education's problems. The Sun stated:
     "The state doesn't spend enough on education, period."
     "The truth maybe that Nevada has gotten what it has paid for."
     "We need to stop focusing on how to shift Nevada's too-few education dollars around and instead figure out how to add more money to the schools" 

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